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Windows Application Development

WWindows Mobile is a powerful platform for running applications on mobile devices. Windows Mobile has at its core Windows CE 5.0, but provides many unique features, such as shell and communications support, that makes it ideal for use in mobile devices such as phones and personal digital assistants. For a comparison of Windows Mobile and Windows CE, see Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE - what's the difference. Windows Mobile devices exist in two main formats: devices with touch screens, and devices without touch screens. Previous releases described devices by using the names Pocket PC and Smartphone, but the distinction between these devices has become blurred. For more information on this topic, see What's New in Naming Conventions for Windows Mobile 6.

Windows Mobile provides a rich environment for creating applications that enhance interactions with mobile services, communicate with Enterprise-class databases, or play games and other forms of media. There is a large market for commercial software aimed at consumers, and a huge potential for Enterprise markets to create custom Line of Business applications. The key to developing applications for Windows Mobile devices is Visual Studio. Visual Studio provides the tools necessary to develop applications in native code with Visual C++, or managed code with Visual C#, Visual Basic, or any combination of these languages. The managed languages in particular have extensive support for database access and for the .NET Compact Framework, and they provide you with comprehensive tools for reliable and rapid application development. With full support for debugging and emulation, you have all the tools you need to write applications that range from fast action games up to powerful, enterprise-level, Internet-aware solutions.

We’re passionate about Windows apps Development and our mission is to use the right mix of technologies to come up with the right solutions .

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